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Jobo's Oxtail Stew

Extremely tasty recipe...ultimate umami! secret: press the tomatoes when sauteing and scorch on high heat to caramelize the natural sugars of the tomatoes.

healthy recipes

Beet-Celery Juice

Be thankful it's not "beetlejuice". This is a fiber-heavy juice. The rich colors can either turn you on or scare you. Just drink.

Cooking Tips

  • Some folks dry toast or lightly saute onions before adding to a meat mixture. Why? Because watery onions tend to make a mixture mushy. Sauteeing onions renders it to be sweet. Try this technique with burgers, lumpia, etc.
  • There are different ways to kill a crab. Our way: put in the freezer or pierce between the eyes.
  • When you've mastered your own spag sauce, try these: 1) add a little mustard during cooking; 2) add unsweetened tableas de chocolate to deepen color and enhance the umami of the beef.