For every 4 cups of water
(spring water is best)
1 whole roll of sweetened
chocolate tablets
1 1/2 – 2 tableas per cup of water
thick cream or warmed milk, if desired

Cooking Procedure:

  1. Pour water into rice cooker. Put lid on and press the cook button.
  2. Meanwhile, tamp down the roll of tableas, while still wrapped. Tamp firmly with a
    heavy object till the contents crumble.(This makes it less messy and
    easier to add to the water.)
  3. Add crumbled tableas to the water and stir lightly to blend.
  4. Let simmer as it cooks one cycle. Then, keep it on “warm” as you serve
    your famous chocola-te EH at the perfect temperature!
  5. Lastly, convert it to a chocolate-latte by adding cream.